Rites of Passages

Female bodies hold and reveal a drama that ebbs and flows describing life and death, but often this drama is considered deeply bothersome. Yet our bodies are the ultimate narrators of time and bearers of life, the greatest of gifts, intended to be cherished and revered.

For menstruation, this ritual will guide your daughter and yourself (and whomever else you both desire to be in attendance) through the meaning of menstruation and how to orient around this monthly experience in a way that honors the body.

For menopause, this ritual will guide you (and whomever else you desire to be in attendance) to recall your youth, your body’s rhythms, and your life’s experiences, both good and difficult. It will help you move through the emotions of getting older and mark the entrance into a new season, which invites you to ascend into letting go and embracing a different identity — one that is resplendent.