Losing a Loved One

When you have lost someone or something whether through change or death, often it’s hard to know how to really give expression to the pain. The pain can be isolating and stifling. There are formalities, like a funeral, which are important, yet they often don’t permit your heart’s deepest cry. Your body needs engagement through your senses, whether through loving touch, fragrances, listening to music, singing that speaks of the unspeakable, or seeing others lament alongside you. This ritual will help you honor your suffering and who or what you have lost. The elements of a grief ritual, through actions, symbols, and witnesses, will provide signposts while in the chaos of loss, serving as memory markers to return to—these tether you and release you, mark you and move you through a difficult season.

What Others are Saying

Heather's wisdom and guidance in the ritual for our miscarriage was vital to our healing. At times we struggled to connect with our grief to a child we never knew, and yet Heather left space for all that came up for us. There were no expectations, but a willingness and openness for our bodies to guide us into what was needed. It helped me become more intimate with all the light and dark things within me. Heather was a safe and gentle guide. I think I would have felt regret had she not been there. I feel proud that I had the courage to mark something that was so vital in my life. I highly recommend Heather and the gift she offers.
Andrew B.