Healing From Trauma

Suffering is a part of life, whether we have lost a loved one, experienced sudden change, or are fighting disease. We encounter these deeply challenging and heart wrenching experiences often without structure, guidance, and community. This is a time to demarcate the grief and anger, give physical expression of the pain, discover the places you get stuck and move through them. Lastly, it’s a time experience a deep connection between yourself and those witnessing you.

What Others are Saying

When I went home after the ritual I felt very different. I felt more contained in myself, restful—a fight broke out and usually I feel compelled to step in, but I didn’t feel the need to sacrifice myself anymore. I don’t know if I’ve felt that in my body, the choice, which lowered me into my body, and helped me make a decision out of a body sense.”
Rachael C.
I saw how I had become passive from the pain of my trauma. I really needed to be intentional and active about what was happening. The investment of time, thought, body, community—having others join—was deeply effective. It was different than journaling or meeting with a friend to share what was happening inside of me; I could “sneak” out and remain hidden in those settings. This (ritual) allowed for my whole being to be engaged and seen.
Jamelyn K.