Some birthdays are more significant than others, depending on what the prior year has held or what you anticipate the coming year(s) might hold. These poignant birthdays are worth marking. This is a time to clarify the importance of this birthday through understanding the past and the transition it proposes to your life to live into the future. The ritual will guide you through one year and into the next so that your whole being — body, heart, and soul — will know and remember the change.

What Others are Saying

There was something that needed to come out of me. I had been experiencing a lot of change. I wanted something meaningful for my birthday in which I wasn’t coordinating by myself, but with someone to help me carry it along. I had something to say and I needed someone like Heather to facilitate the time for my words and expression of change. I needed the chance to receive from others. My birthday ritual made way for the embodiment of my soul.
Jordan R.